News and Updates

7.23.22 - Still trying to figure out how to make a website that doesn't look like its straight from the 90s...

7.25.22 - Ok now trying to figure out how to make a website that doesn't look like I copy pasted from w3schools...

9.30.2022 - The $2 VPS is working great! Also I was able to get my site working with HTTPS. This means that the data sent by Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is encrypted. Not that it matters for this site since there is no confidential information being sent, but in the future I might allow account creation...

10.4.2022 - If you are reading this then I updated the site layout

10.18.2022 - I finally got rid of the .html at the end of every URL. Now I just need to figure out how to get rid of /index on this page... :(

10.19.2022 - Okay, the /index is gone! I also collaborated with an artist on making a custom 404 error page

Welcome to

Hello and welcome to! If you are reading this instead of 'Lorem Ipusum...' that means that I have rolled out the newest 'feature' of my website: Reviews! You can check out my opinions on movies, games, and maybe more by hovering over the "Review" tab in the navbar! Oh by the way I haven't finished the layout of the review pages yet so while the menu for game/movie reviews is finished you won't be able to view any reviews yet.

I am currently working on re-designing the website to be more responsive (work better on mobile). This is taking a while since I don't want it to be just a 'band-aid' fix.