Page Name Purpose Is Active? Date Created Link to page
Index (home page) The first page you see when you go to Y 9/1/2022 Index
Dogs Has pictures of the dog Y 9/1/2022 Dogs
Buttons Not done yet Y 9/1/2022 Buttons
Contact Provide my contact information (also not done) Y 9/1/2022 Contact
Site Map Provide a list of all active an inactive pages on Y 9/1/2022 Site Map
Movie Reviews Where I rant about movies Y 9/15/2022 Movie Reviews
Game Reviews Where I rant about video games Y 9/15/2022 Game Reviews
Related Links I link to as much as possible Y 10/2/2022 Relatd Links
Game Rating Standards I explain the rating standard I use for my game reviews Y 10/27/2022 Game Rating Standards